New to Rincon

This is a place to be yourself.  Honest.

At Rincon U.C.C. we don’t just tolerate different perspectives, we encourage them.

From the pulpit to the classroom, we value the freedom of religious expression in the spirit of loving and respectful dialogue.  Learn More

Progressive Christianity

As a progressive community, faith is not so much about dogma or creeds but an inner journey of continual discovery and growth.  At Rincon one will experience an alternative Christianity that includes both non-traditional and traditional views.  Everyone is encouraged to seek their own answers and ways to follow the path of Jesus.  Learn More


“In a world of social and economic strife, solidarity calls us to see others, locally and globally, as our brothers and sisters.  People do not become someone to exploit and demean, but we affirm their life as part of the human family…”
 ( Catholic Social Teaching Perspectives for Life: Solidarity posted on 04/12/13)



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